The Essence of a Rogue

My main toon is my human rogue, Kaelynn. She’s decked out in a variety of Epics, from level 200 to 226 She’s run every heroic countless times, and could basically do them in her sleep. Naxx has been cleared, and the black dragonflight has suffered the loss of Sartharion and Onyxia numerous times due to her blades. She’s even cleared Ulduar up through the Crazy Cat Lady.

I haven’t logged on to her much lately. Sure there are a few pieces of emblem gear that I could be working towards, but nothing thats a very big upgrade. I’ve done a few questing streaks in Kalimdor working towards Loremaster, and few classic instance runs, but for the most part her playtime consists of transmuting an epic gem, or walking in circles around Dalaran.

With patch 3.3 coming out next week (hopefully!), I’ll likely be playing her more again. There are three new heroics to run with lots of shiny new epics. There’s also that ridiculous Perky Pug pet reward for pugging with 100 people using the new LFG tool. As a pet collector, even though I despise PUGs, I just have to have it.

In order to get myself back into the mood to play her, I thought I would revisit all the things I love about the rogue class:

Pick-pocketing: I loved acquiring lock boxes and random grey junk like a “Rogue’s Diary” while pickpocketing. It is something special that only rogues can do. I recall countless moments of “Pick-pocket Fail” where I came across a mob the wrong way and he saw me. Those were always entertaining.

Stealth: When I first started playing my shaman, it was ridiculously hard to get used to not being able to sneak around. Many mobs of Azeroth have had their lives spared because I didn’t have to kill them – I could just sneak around them. This was fantastic for getting to quest objectives or bosses quickly.

Safe Fall: Another ability I found hard to live without while playing my shaman. As a rogue I can jump off  nearly anything and barely get a scratch. This has the nasty side effect of causing my other characters to have suffered many deaths by falling.

Ravenholdt: The Rogue quest-lines that send you to Ravenholdt hold a special place in my heart. It is just so cool to be helping a guild of thieves and assassins! I only wish Blizzard had been able to do more with them. There is all this build up and then you get to level 50 and get a sweet blue item… then nothing.

Sap: In todays heroics, CC is rarely used. This makes me a little sad. Being able to sneak up and incapacitate a mob for 30 seconds while you wail on his buddy is just priceless.

Fan of Knives: They’ve changed the graphic on this AOE ability multiple times. I’m still not sure which version I prefer, but I love being able to blast things. As an Assassination rogue this is my only AOE ability since Killing Spree and Blade Fury are Combat tree specific.

Tricks of the Trade: Finally a utility given to rogues that benefits a group! They might actually have a reason to like us…

Poisons: I still remember the days of making ones own poisons. Blizzard did the right thing by taking that clunky mechanic away. I also remember being completely confused about which poison to use when. I’ve seen many level 80 rogues who still don’t know which ones to use in what spec. There are also plenty of moments where I go “Ugh, no wonder this mob is taking awhile to kill, I forgot my poisons”. I love them anyways. I get excited when I get to use a different one than usual, like Anesthetic poison on Gluth to dispel his enrages.

Daggers: For the most part, my rogue has only used daggers. I was horribly confused while leveling when I got a new sword as a quest reward and discovered that many of my abilities no longer worked. This led me to believe that rogues HAD to use daggers.

Yes, I leveled my rogue in a twisted sort of Combat Daggers spec until level 73 (for those of you who don’t know, this isn’t considered a ‘viable’ spec). At that point I realized I was doing things completely wrong and picked up a main-hand Fist weapon. I found it incredibly slow and frustrating.

After struggling through my first few heroics, I moved to an Assassination spec. It was very difficult to change, but it allowed me to use my beloved daggers. Now almost a year later, I find myself hoping that I never have to change my spec back to Combat. I find the Mutilate build far more interesting and challenging. The only downside is that whenever a nice fist, mace, or sword weapon drops and I’m the only rogue in the group, people start to congratulate me. I sigh and say “I only use daggers”.

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