Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

It’s been a bumpy weekend for the Sidhe Devils. I do want to say that I hope things get better over in the Big Bear Butt household – my own emotional thunderstorm this weekend was nothing compared to what they experienced. It may have been difficult, but I know we’ll get through these rough times together!

I tried to write a post about it, but it ended up sounding a lot like a high school diary entry. So… lets skip that and refocus on something a bit more fun. Patch 3.3 is coming out tomorrow!!

I’m very excited to find a group of guildies to go into the new 5-mans with me. TOC was the first time I was around for the release of “new” 5 -man content that I was actually at level-cap to do. It was a blast to go in there and give it a shot, even though we had no real clue what we were doing. I believe we wiped several times on normal mode (and only pulled it off by having 2 tanks) – and I expect much of the same from the new ones this patch.

For all you rogues out there, Forever a Noob has posted a good list of gear you’ll be looking for in those new 5-mans. I’m also excited to finally be able to get enough Emblems of Triumph to get the hit trinket to replace my only blue piece left – the Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood. I know I could have had the new trinket a long time ago, but I got tired of running heroics on my rogue (my shaman ended up doing the daily heroic when I felt like it).

I’m also crossing my fingers and hoping that the Bind On Account item cross-faction mail feature was implemented. There hasn’t been a peep from the blues since they first said that it was “targeted” for patch 3.3

I’m sure I will also find myself utilizing the new LFG interface, whether it be in the hopes to find at-level groups for some of my alts, or in a painful attempt to get the new Perky Pug pet for grouping with 100 random people. I think my pet collecting addiction just might destroy the last shreds of sanity I have left… we shall see.

Regardless, this patch will bring a lot of new and interesting ways to spend my time in-game. Blizzard just keeps those tasty little tidbits coming that make sure my addiction to WOW doesn’t fade too much.

On somewhat related side note, we’re expected to get a bit a bit of a snowstorm here in Minnesota tomorrow. My plan was to leave work if it gets too bad and work from home the rest of the day (ah, one of the few advantages of being a software developer). When I made this decision I completely forgot that it is patch day tomorrow. I have a lot of work to get done, and I’m almost hoping that the servers don’t go up until later in the day… the temptation might be too much.

Happy Patch Eve everyone! May it bring all the fun that you hoped it would.


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3 responses to “Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

  1. BigBearButt

    I, also, was intending to take tomorrow off.

    And then my boss decided to head for Chicago tomorrow, and on passing my office today, said, ‘I need you to attend the department head meeting, and represent Engineering. I’m having everyone email you their status updates so you can see that everyone is caught up and brief the rest of the departments.”

    The meeting is held at… 2:30. And it usually goes LATEEEEEEE…..

    damn them. damn them all.

    On the plus side, i paid $150 and had my snowthrower tuned up and the carb rebuilt, and the whole enchilada. Got it back just today. So we’re good to go with all the snow. Lemme have it!

  2. Jardal

    I’m picturing a bear trodding behind a snow blower growling at his neighbor who’s complaining about him blowing it on his driveway.


    Cross-faction BoA mail is confirmed for 3.3 in the patch notes, hooray!

  3. Very nice Kae. And had no idea about cross faction BoA to cool.