The Week in Review – Vacation and Spirit Tracks

No, I haven’t disappeared, I’m just on vacation. On Saturday – Monday I was driving from Minnesota to my parent’s house with a few stops on the way. Since then I’ve been busy catching up with friends and family.  I haven’t actually played WOW since Saturday morning. *Gasp*.

I have been playing a game though – The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.  I have to admit that I had never played a Legend of Zelda game until Twilight Princess came out in 2006. I didn’t really have consoles growing up, so I missed out on many of the classics that everyone loves. I’ve gone back and played a few earlier ones since then. The fantastic puzzles, endearing characters, and catchy music of the series is truly remarkable.

Spirit Tracks came out a few weeks ago, but WOW consumed all of my game time. I figured, while I was traveling, a DS game would be the perfect companion. Spirit Tracks is in the style of it’s predecessor Phantom Hourglass, with cell-shaded graphics, and interesting stylus controls. Playing this game makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You get to ride around on a train, draw on the maps, and play the spirit flute by blowing into the microphone. After awhile you no longer feel like an idiot blowing into the DS (I don’t want to know what those people at the hair salon thought I was doing).

The train rides are a little tedious, but so far I haven’t found any huge flaws with this game. The boss fights are innovative, and dungeons are full of well-designed puzzles. The central hub dungeon, the Spirit Tower, is far less frustrating than the Temple of the Ocean King in the Phantom Hourglass ( I wanted to throw the DS across the room after entering that place for the 10th time). I can understand hard-core fans of the series finding fault, as these DS versions are far easier than say Link to the Past, but I enjoy not dying a million times.

I would definitely recommend getting your hands on a copy!

I probably will duck onto WOW tomorrow to grab a present from Great Father Winter, but other than that it won’t get much playing time until I return to Minnesota early next week. I miss it, but I’m not feeling any withdrawal symptoms. I know that the World of Warcraft isn’t going anywhere.

Now’s the time to say Happy Holidays! I hope that you are all able to spend some time with your family or friends and relax a little bit. The new year is on its way, and who knows what it will bring.


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  1. Kit

    Happy Holidays!

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