Failing Words

Words are just failing me this week, so I thought I would share some links to some of the incredible posts I’ve read recently.

Tami Moore’s guest post about writing over at Too Many Annas was inspirational, down to earth, and a fun read. Tami is always full of awesome, but this post really struck me as a new struggling writer.  She also had a thought-provoking post on her own blog about positivity.

Tamarind over at Righteous Orbs shared a personal take on how WOW has affected his life (and how his life has affected his WOW playing). It’s a beautiful, well-written post that really got under my skin. I’d like to write on this topic at some point, but I know I won’t be able to construct anything resembling this masterpiece.

On the lighter side, Larisa from The Pink Pigtail Inn found an interesting thread about “what really happens during maintenance” over on the WOW-EU forums, and pulled out a few hilarious ideas.

And let’s not forget Pike’s illustrated version of Weezer’s Pork and Beans.

I’m in a writing funk this week, so go to one of these other amazing blogs, and come back again later.

I’ve been attempting to write a WOW fanfic… and lets just say I’ve realized I suck at fiction. I’m going to keep working at it, and will post it when it’s complete and a little less full of suck. It’s been six years since I’ve attempted to write creatively, and the rust on those skills is so thick, I think that by the time I scrape it off there won’t be anything left. I also realized I never learned how to write compelling dialogue. In essence, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I’ll start with a few short stories and eventually make my way to all those novel ideas that have been spinning around the back of my head. It’s going to be a long journey, but I’m glad I’m starting down the path.

In the game I’ve been putzing around with my alts,  and getting back into healing heroics on my Shaman. On Kaelynn I’ve just been picking up those frost badges every day in a long grind to get that 95 emblem non-tier chestpiece. I am extremely excited about Saturday, as there is a retro-raid on the calendar for Black Temple. I also might duck into Tempest Keep with some friends tomorrow. I missed out on the BC raids, and am looking forward to seeing some of the epic artwork and boss fights.

I’ll return SoonTM with a more scintillating topic.


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5 responses to “Failing Words

  1. I’ve realized I suck at fiction

    *laughs* Step one, complete! Just think at all the ways you have to grow and get better, and how much easier it’ll be for you than for someone who really does suck but think they’re the next J.K. Rowling!

    I wish you the utmost success and joy in your writing journey. <3

    • Thanks Tami for the sage words of advice :).

      *Puts on fan-girl hat* Your attitude towards writing is very encouraging, and has been part of my inspiration for starting on this journey. Thank you for all the amusing and thought-provoking blog posts, and well-crafted stories.

  2. *joins in the general Fangirling at Tami*

    Also Hello, person whose blog I am now reading! Sucking is, unfortunately (or fortunately) fictions native state. The unsuck comes as you get better at it, and as you edit. So proceed fearlessly, edit mindfully, and remember that the only way to get better at it is to keep doing it.

    (advice I need to remember when I get particularly discouraged with my own writing!)

  3. Thank you most kindly for the link – and if you feel like it, you should totally take on the topic. It’s genuinely thought-provoking, for which we all have Spinks to thank.

    Also console yourself with I can’t even manage to RP in the damn game, let alone write fanfic so you’re way ahead of me! On the other hand, good luck – I write very little fiction these days but I suspect fiction writing, like academic and practical writing, is to a large extent aided by unglamorous things like practice… and hard work…