Weekly Wrap-Up: Storming the Citadel

I’m going to attempt to start doing a ‘Weekly Wrap-up’ post on Sundays. The idea is for it to contain links to interesting posts of the past week, what I’ve been up to in the game, any noteworthy comments and more.


Tamarind from Righteous Orbs has continued to  provide insightful discourse on guilds, drama, emotions, and just in general how people interact with each other in WOW. Both posts have really stuck with me this week. I can always count on Tam to make me actually stop and think.

Gnomeageddon reminds us that getting linked to by a “famous” site such as WOW.com isn’t without its downsides. I’ve had one post linked to by WOW.com – my review of the WOW Magazine, back in January. I watched in awe and fear as my traffic spiked insanely. I was rather grateful it wasn’t really a controversial issue – no one commented at all. And yes, I did get a lot of spam. Speaking of spam, I’ve been getting a crapload of wedding-related spam. It all gets caught by WordPress’s filters, but its quite irritating.

WOW.com traffic spike

Samuel Tempus at Slice and Dice is a rogue after my own heart – daggers all the way. He wrote a very nice post after being inspired by the blogosphere’s recent “Muse”.

Larisa from The Pink Pigtail Inn churned out another thought provoking, bluntly honest post about gender and gaming.

The Bossy Pally shares her fears and experiences with Raid Leading.

Obviously there was a ton more great stuff out there this week, but I just picked out some things that struck me personally.

Search Terms

I’ve been noticing some pretty fun search terms recently:

animal crossing deathwing fish

I haven’t played the more recent versions of Animal Crossing, but I don’t know anything about a ‘Deathwing Fish’. I’m picturing some sort of nasty dragon-like fish with molten glowing eyes. I wouldn’t want to catch one of those if I were you.

distract judge auriya

I don’t know what you did but distracting a judge probably won’t get you out of it.

shadowed unit frames combo points round

Unit configuration -> Target -> Widget size -> Combo Points -> Uncheck “Show as bar”

beating a corpse camping rogue

Wow.com had a series of articles about how to fight rogues in PVP. I suggest you go check them out.

‘you pull it you tank it’ addon

A simple macro would work here:

/s You pull it, you tank it!

blizzard hates melee dps

Not that I’m aware of. I suggest you check out some of the blog posts related to the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic “How to Survive as Melee DPS”.

In The Game

In the game I’ve playing… differently. Leveling has slowed, we’ve been spending a lot of nights just watching TV and taking a rest from WOW. Real Life has kept us busy and I’ve just want to sit mindlessly watching something instead of being active.

Tuesday and Friday nights have been raid nights for the past couple of weeks. I absolute love every moment of it! We’ve cleared the first wing of ICC, as of Friday. We had a few wipes on the Gunship probably due to being tired and not understanding the fight very well.  Saurfang also gave us quite a bit of trouble until one of our healers stepped out for an additional Ranged DPS. We then demolished him, the fight ending just before the second mark.

It feels a bit weird for us as casual players to be clearing the “current” content. Blizzard really has made the game far more accessible, and I am certainly not complaining.

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